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Before the famous, as now, each BigBang personnel already familiar in the world of entertainment. G-Dragon and Taeyang has been a member of the YG Intertainment, since they were 12 years old. Both have been known as "GDYB" which is the abbreviation of the name of both. While TOP is known as a rapper, Hip-Hop Underground, while Seungri followed in the entertainment world when, following the show "Let's Cokeplay Battle" and followed by Daesung. After a complete personnel, MTV Korea make 10 episodes of their career prior to launch as a boy band.This documentary video made to commemorate the most severe period for the personnel of the BigBang before becoming stars in Korean entertainment industry.

BigBang perform their first concert at the YG Family concert, 19 August 2006 at the Gymnastics Arena in Seoul Olympic Park.Before releasing his first abum, BigBang released three consecutive singles: "This Love", "BIGBANG is VIP" and "BIGBANG03".After that, BigBang make a fan club called VIP which is famous for its typical bandana and crown lightstick. Late in 2006, BigBang held its first concert of "The Real" followed with the release of their debut album "Sience 2007".

In 2007, BigBang released the concert album "The First / Real Life Concert". Starting from May to July 2007, they toured 5 major cities around Korea. In August, BigBang re-released their debut mini album "Always" which immediately welcomed by fans, especially the song titled "Lies" which became hits at the time. Every few months, BigBang took out the single "last farewell" which again became hits. Their second concert of "Big Bang is Great" took place in late 2008.

BIGBANG Speards Market in Japan
After the success in the country, BigBang launch first Japanese album "For the World" was released containing the songs speak Korean and a Japanese-language song "How Gee". At the end of March 2008, BigBang held their first concert in Japan precisely in the JCB Hall, followed by the release of their Japanese mini album "With U". BigBang re-released a Japanese-language song "Number 1".

BigBang was taking a break at the beginning of 2009 and provide the opportunity to other personnel to pursue a solo career. After that they produced "Lollipop" with 2NE1 and continued producing their Japanese single entitled "My Heaven". Successful single "Lollipop", BigBang back aransement song "Lollipop Part 2" in early 2010 with a different concept. Currently each of the previous personnel busy with solo activities, currently re-gathered together to promote their latest Japanese single entitled "Beautiful Hangover".