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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Big Bang’s coming back with new striking images!: T.O.P with sky-blue hair

Big Bang has released their new striking images and announced their comeback to the music scene.
Having recently confirmed the date for the release of their new mini album to be February 29, Big Bang’s agency released T.O.P’s photo for the new album on February 6 at 10 a.m. Starting with T.O.P’s photo, there will be other members’ photos released one by one.
In the photo, released on YG Entertainment’s official blog, T.O.P is showing his charismatic look with sky-blue hair. His hair color has changed again since the white hair he showed for his duet album with G-Dragon.
Dressed in a black leather jacket and black leather pants, and wearing a respirator, he is staring at the camera with fierce eyes.
At the top of the photo, Big Bang’s new logo, “ALIVE ? BIG BANG- FANTASTIC BABY,” is added.
On January 26, Big Bang has unveiled titles, lyric writers, and composers of the tracks: #1 “Intro,”#2 “Blue,” #3 “Love Dust,” #4 “Bad Boy,” #5 “It’s Not Fun,” #6 “Fantastic Baby.” G-Dragon has written lyrics to the songs and co-composed them with other producers.
Big Bang is releasing their new mini album on February 29 and start performing and promoting through TV programs and concerts.

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