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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Xia of Rainia said, 'I like T.O.P. of Big Bang

Xia, the member of a girl group, Rainia said she likes T.O.P. in a TV programme.
Recently, Xia has appeared in Fashion N's 'Actress House Season 2' with other members. When they were filmming this programme, she made a confession.

When the members of the group were talking about the scandals of the idols, Xia said,' there is a member of a male idol group that I want to have scandals with.' Therefore, at this moment, the fact that the youngest member of Rainia likes T.O.P. was exposed.

In the programme, they revealed, ' male and female idols do not have much time to know each other since every now and then, we just arrive at a venue then leave immediately afterwards. I hope that we can know more about each other in the waiting room. ' 

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