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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Kwon Ji Yong (G-Dragon) helps out little Kwon Ji Yong


Big Bang‘s G-Dragon made a surprise visit to encourage a 4 year old patient who happens to share the same name (Kwon Ji Yong), earning himself the “Wings of Hope” badge.
Little Kwon Ji Yong has a rare form of hypoglycemia, which means he has very low levels of blood glucose.


His family stated that he needed to take medicine everyday, but the insurance didn’t cover the costs, so they had to pay roughly $2,000 every month. Since the family didn’t make enough money to afford this expensive medicine, they were extremely worried. Luckily, Big Bang fans (VIP GD supporters) have donated the needed money to help with their financial needs.


Since 2009, gd-supporters.com have donated money every month to help not only little Ji Yong, but also a little girl with Chronic kidney disease, and also a male patient suffering from the genetic bone disorder, Osteogenesis Imperfecta.
On September 5th, G-Dragon took the time out of busy scheduled to visit little Ji Yong. There was some good news as little Ji Yong reduced his medicine dosage by 1/3rd. G-Dragon also brought toys and became close to Ji Yong while helping to assemble the toys.


G-Dragon himself personally donated $47,000 to help these children suffering with these rare diseases.


It’s heart warming to hear stories like this and G-Dragon has set a good example for others to follow.


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