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Saturday, September 10, 2011

G-Dragon Creates Huge Anticipatio

Around the months of October and November, the biggest girl groups and hottest ‘icons’ are going to be butting heads, releasing their new albums around the same time for a competitive battle to the top. Big Bang’s G-Dragon will also be unleashing his new album around October. Contestants of ‘Superstar K2’ will be coming out with their new genres and ballads respectively, while scheduling their comeback dates.

The rumors and talk about the actual comeback date for Big Bang’s G-Dragon is fluttering around the K-pop industry. That’s how much of an issue his highly anticipated comeback is. Last year in March, G-Dragon announced his first solo promotions, ‘Shine-A-light.

It is prospected that the second half of the year will be a hot one, due to the artists at the end of the year award ceremonies. There is a truth in the tendency that promotions active near the latter half of the year, as opposed to the early half of the year, receive much more interest and popularity. One music official commented, “No matter how determined and hard the artists promote in the early half of the year, if they don’t have promotions in the latter half of the year, they will be crushed by other artists who promote in the latter half. Even though importance of quality has been raised, there are cases that pressure the rush of the album announcement date. K-pop this October and November is very much highly anticipated and eagerly awaited upon for.”

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