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Saturday, September 10, 2011

G-Dragon consoled Lee In Hye with a hug

Actress Lee In Hye recently told a story of Big Bang‘s G-Dragon hugging her when he was a kid.

On the September 8th broadcast of QTV‘s ‘Ranking Women‘, Lee In Hye explained this story in the section of ‘The Best Consolation in My Life’.

She revealed, “It happened in my third year of high school. At the time, we appeared together in a children’s program and the children were a great comfort.“ She continued, “G-Dragon was in the center of the children. When I said, ‘Come here’, he ran over and hugged me.”

After listening to the story, the appeared guests were surprised by Lee In Hye’s older age; one netizen typed, ”If G-Dragon was a child then, Lee In Hye was a lot older.” Others commented, “G-Dragon was probably cute,” and, “I’m envious.”

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