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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Daesung to be inactive for rest of the year

In light of recent events, Big Bang’s Daesung was absent during YG Entertainment’s recent Japanese advancement ceremony.

On July 21st, YG Entertainment and avex came together at Odaiba’s Hotel Nikko to commemorate their new brand, ‘YGEX‘. Among the YG artists, those who attended included Se7en, Gummy, Big Bang (sans Daesung), and 2NE1. At the launching ceremony, the YG artists had the opportunity to spend time with the Japanese press and officials.

At the event, CEO Yang Hyun Suk stated,

“Daesung could not attend today. This year, he will be careful and will also show patience. He is very disappointed in himself and feels very apologetic to the other members. Therefore, Big Bang will not be promoting anything this year. All the members will wait until [Daesung] returns. Either way, the situation has disappointed and upset fans. Thus, Daesung will dream of a new hope while reflecting [during the rest of this year].
Instead, the other members who have solo or unit activities will continue those as planned. Starting in September, the members’ personal activities will unfold simultaneously. Although there won’t be a unified Big Bang, the individual characteristics of the members in their solo activities will soothe the disappointment of the fans.”

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