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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Big Bang’s Taeyang to debut in the US?

Big Bang’s Taeyang recently revealed through his Twitter that he is currently working on an album with renowned American producers, the Underdogs.

Taeyang posted, “Today I’m starting my session with the Underdogs :) it’s gonna be awesome!”. A member of the Underdogs replied to the post, “Creating today for the artist @Realtaeyang. Wish us luck”, and Taeyang retweeted the post.

The Underdogs are arguably the top R&B producers in the music scene. Whether on reputation or success, they’ve worked with superstars such as Beyonce, Chris Brown, Babyface, 2Pac, Omarion,and many others.

Just to give you an idea how talented they are, here’s some of the songs produced by the Underdogs: “No Air” and “Take You Down” by Chris Brown, “How You Gonna Act Like that” by Tyrese, and“Listen” by Beyonce.

With this news, fans in Korea are getting excited at the rumors of Taeyang’s potential debut in the US. There’s rumors going around that the album will be released and promoted in both Korea and the US, simultaneously.

YG Entertainment has spoken on this rumor, stating, “We have nothing to say at this time about entering the US market”, and that, “Taeyang is currently contacting producers he has always wanted to work with”, not leaking out any clues on Taeyang’s future plans.

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