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Monday, February 14, 2011

GD & TOP, Seungri end solo promotions on Inkigayo this 13th!

Big Bang’s Seungri, andGD & TOP returned from the United States on the 13th and have decided to appear on SBS’s Inkigayo.

The new album’s music video shooting was taking place in the U.S and they originally planned to stay until early next week but returned ahead of schedule in order to finish their broadcasting activities. According to this week’s Inkigayo GD & TOP and Seungriwill once again compete for the number 1 mutizen.

The youngest of the group, Seungri, won last week with his song “What About Me?”. While holding the trophy Seungri revealed, “In 2011 we are modestly committed to become victorious” and “Big Bang will come out soon!“.

Seungri’s “What About Me?” stayed at #1 for 3 consecutive weeks on M-Countdown but because he was busy in the U.S he wasn’t able to perform on stage.

Meanwhile the fan’s anticipation is growing fast as Big Bang’s comeback is nearing with the final stage of their members today on SBS’s Inkigayo.

I found another article that only talks about this being Seungri’s last stage, not GD&TOP’s so I’m not sure if their ending their promotions today as well but I hope not because they promised to promote “Baby Good Night” and haven’t done so yet. The MV for “Don’t Go Home” hasn’t been released either. Sad to see maknae go so soon though! 0:

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