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Monday, February 21, 2011

Big Bang’s comeback handling, distresses MBC & KBS!

After being absent from 2 years and 3 months, the comeback of Big Bang has put the attention on KBS’s “Music Bank” and MBC’s “Music Core”.Big Bang is ready to launch their full-fledged activities after they release their 4th mini album this upcoming 24th.

Big Bang’s agency, YG Entertainment, has recently hesitated from having their singers appear on KBS and MBC TV. Especially with the activities of girl group 2NE1 as well as the solo and unit activities of Big Bang, their appearances were hard to find on KBS and MBC.

The public suspects that because ‘YG has been so close to SBS‘, that they have alienated KBS and MBC music shows. In fact, even though 2NE1 swept various music charts last year, did not attend KBS’s end of the year awards.

YG’s side spoke up to the rumors, “What a pity. With MBC and KBS there’s no bad feelings, it’s all unfounded rumors. Given the opportunity, it’d be nice to appear.”

However, Big Bang’s comeback will also be released first through SBS. The fact that SBS will release a 1-hour special for Big Bang on the 27th has strained MBC and KBS.

Big Bang’s comeback is stacking up many avid fans, and it has been pointed out as the biggest issue in the music industry this year. Big Bang’s “BIG SHOW” Concert being held at the Olympic Gymnastics Stadium from February 25th to the 27th, has created a ticket chaos and fans have high expectations.

Thus, SBS’s broadcast of Big Bang’s comeback, has guaranteed them high ratings. From stage equipment to sound facilities, etc. SBS has promised that their investment in this has been exceptional.

Music show SBS “Inkigayo” put a lot of effort for 2NE1 and Big Bang’s solo activities, it seems this time they’re continuing that with Big Bang.

As for MBC and KBS’s music shows, they missed Big Bang’s comeback while SBS got the head start. For a long time Big Bang’s group activities in Korea were interrupted in order to advance into the Japanese music industry.

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