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Monday, January 24, 2011

It's first time to tell my thought inside. This coming Seungri's solo mini album. I can say I did my best and it was like Do-or-Die. I promise that I won't shame BIGBANG and our YG Family and it's your turn, my fans. With your support, I'm sure I will be better over 10 times. Will look forward to it.

처음으로 제 속마음을여기에적습니다이번승리솔로미니앨범 준비 정말 죽을각오로 했습니다 빅뱅멤버들 회사식구들 에게 절대 부끄럽지않은 모습 약속드리고 이젠 Fan분들 차례입니다 여러분의응원이 있다면 전 10배이상 효과를냅니다 기대하겠습니다

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