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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Why Japan is Excited about BigBang?

Idol Group Bigbang is leading the new Korean wave in Japan. Bigbang’s successes are more noticeable since this group did not try to assimilate themselves to the prevalent trend in Japan, but came to this point with its unique style and skills.

On November 3, Bigbang performed a great stage at the ‘Seoul Tokyo Music Festival’. This festival was co-hosted by SBS and TBS to celebrate SBS’ 20th anniversary and groups such as Kara, 4minute, FT Island etc. participated in this festival.

There were about 16,000 Japanese fans at the festival, and the audience, who were mostly in their teens or in their twenties, gave all the Korean singers fervent responses.

One of the staffs mentioned, “The ‘Seoul Tokyo Music Festival’ was almost like Bigbang’s concert.” and really acknowledged Bigbang’s popularity, since the majority of the audience were Bigbang fans. Most of the singers sang two or three songs, whereas Bigbang, this day, performed five songs.


Bigbang has received a lot of awards in Japan also. Bigbang received a rookie award in Japan, when they didn’t receive one in Korea; in the ‘MTV World Stage Music Video Awards Japan’ on May 29, Bigbang received three awards. These eminent awards ceremonies in Japan acknowledge Bigbang’s popularity by giving Bigbang the awards.

One of the staff persons who was in charge of promoting Bigbang mentioned, “We’ve been promoting Bigbang not as a ‘Korean wave’ star, but as an artist. Thus, we really focused on Bigbang performing the best the members could. We’ve only been able to do a week or so of promotions for the albums in Japan, but we’ve always been surprised by the wild responses the Japanese fans give us.”

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