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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Taste a little of BigBang with Special Edition IceCream in Japan

Available starting November 21 until December 12 from Marvelous Cream Japan! The flavors of the BIGBANG Special Edition ice cream are: Strawberry Rose Chocolate for G-Dragon, Chocolate Banana for SOL, Strawberry Azuki Beans for T.O.P, Melon Milk Cake for D-Lite and Raspberry White Chocolate for V.I.

Each ice cream includes different layers of ice cream for fans to enjoy.

The layer and menu for the individual ice cream flavors were ideas provided by each of the members of Big Bang. The entire box set including all 5 flavors will cost 2,300 yen or around $27 US.

The layers:


1. Raspberry topping

2. Strawberry & Kirsch & Rose cream

3. Milk cream

4. Golden Vanilla ice cream

5. Strawberry & Kirsch sauce

6. Sponge Cake

7. Strawberry & Kirsch & Rose ice cream


1. Chocolate ornament topping

2. Chocolate cream

3. Chocolate sauce

4. Anglaise sauce

5. Custard ice cream

6. Banana confiture

7. Chocolate tip

8. Classic milk chocolate ice cream


1. Grain rice cake

2. Fresh cream

3. "Chief Councillor of the State" (Adzuki bean)

4. Strawberry ice cream

5. Grain rice cake

6. Strawberry sauce

7. Bean jam containing whole beans

8. White milk ice cream


1. Melon topping

2. Fresh cream

3. Milk confiture with melon flavor

4. Melon ice cream

5. Heavy milk confiture

6. Sponge cake

7. Melon ice cream


1. Raspberry topping

2. Raspberry sauce

3. Raspberry cream

4. Franc Boise

5. Raspberry confiture

6. Ivory white chocolate ice cream

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