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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sandara Park and TaeYang’s behind the scenes footages for I Need A Girl

Sandara Park and TaeYang’s behind the scenes footages of their music video would be released. A scene with a half naked TaeYang in front of Sandara Park, whose eyes were downcast, has aroused the curiosity of the fans.

On November 2, MNet’s “2NE1 TV Season 2″ would be broadcasted. Part of the broadcast would show the behind the scenes footages of the shooting for TaeYang’s “I Need A Girl” music video, with Sandara Park.

On one of the scenes, it showed a topless TaeYang, exposing his solid and muscular body. Meanwhile, Sandara Park, who is in jeans and white top, shows off her sexy and chic look, emphasizing her acting with bowed head and a mysterious smile.

2NE1 TV PD said, “The scene is from one of TaeYang’s music videos for “I Need A Girl,” before we had to completely modify it and take down the first MV that was released. We had to re-shoot TaeYang’s entire MV for that particular song. It was for TaeYang’s solo promotions and it was the title track,” he said, “At that time, Sandara Park had a schedule with Will.I.Am in the United States, and it overlapped with the first MV’s shooting, so she had to finish it fast and then go on a separate flight to join the others in the US. Then she had to rush back to shoot the modified MV concept.”

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