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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Preorder 2o1o YG Family concert goods

2010 YG Family Concert is on December 4-5 in Gymnasium Hall, Olympic Park!!

For those looking forward to the concert as well as concert goods, you can now pre-order goods online and pick them up on the day of the concert!

As this is the first time to try such method, please read the instructions carefully,

And enjoy the variety of goods online without worrying about domestic or overseas regions and delivery charges!

Pre-order schedule: November 12 (Friday) ~ November 22 (Monday) 12AM 1) 1st pre-order sale : November 12 – Image Picket, Towel, Hat, Photo Set, Sticker, Clear File

2) 2nd pre-order sale : November 19 – Hood T-Shirt, Blanket, Tumbler, Etc.

Required materials: Orderer’s ID (6 digits of date of birth shown)/Printed order page (printed from eShop)

(*For foreigners, foreigner’s registration or passport)

Inquiries: Subject: [Pre-Order] / ygfamily@ygmail.net

Pre-order page

1) Concert homepage (http://2010concert.ygfamily.com/)

2) YG eShop homepage (http://ygeshop.com/)

* The Pre-order schedule and product may be changed by circumstances.

How to Pre-order

  1. Click ‘GOODS’ menu on the concert homepage or click ‘CONCERT GOODS’ category on YG eShop homepage
  2. Click ‘바로구매 (BUY NOW)’ or ‘장바구니 (ADD TO CART)’ for the item you wish to purchase
  3. Confirm orderer’s information and payment information
  4. Make a payment (check Temporary Account/Payment due date)
  5. Print ‘CONCERT GOODS’ order information page from 11/22 to 12/4
  6. Bring your ID (must match the orderer) and printed page to the concert
  7. Pick up your items at the [Pre-Ordered Goods Pick-Up Booth] at the concert.


  1. The item(s) you ordered must be picked by you, and no one else. Please order item(s) using an ID of the person who will pick up the items.
  2. Please make sure to give the correct orderer’s information when ordering in order to confirm your identity at pick-up.
  3. Until the last day of pre-ordering (11/22), it is possible to order/cancel anytime.
  4. Payments made ONLY until midnight (12AM) of 11/22 are valid.
  5. You may not purchase regular items and ‘Concert Goods’ at the same time; please make a payment separately.
  6. There is no limit in the number of printing order information page during the period.
  7. If your item(s) is not picked up until the last day of the concert, they will be canceled.
  8. We accept inquiries by e-mail ONLY (we do not accept any other means).
  9. Please e-mail us if you plan to purchase items for group(s).

Thank you.



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