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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Numero Toyko's staff blogs about BigBang

On October 30th, after the business vacation activity of FUKUYA BOOKS in Ginza, I went to the sales anniversary fan handshake meeting of BIGBANG’s first official photo book 「ELECTRIC LOVE TOUR 2010」, though this is the last handshake meeting at FUKUYA BOOKS in Ginza, 2000 tickets were all sold out in only 2 hours. Tickets were also sold at a high price at an auction. This event shows such great popularity.

From the moment BIGBANG came to Japan, they had many shooting works every day, but I never saw the tired look on their faces. They always do their interviews so seriously. But during shooting, we were surprised to see their innocent smiles instead of serious faces while working.

During the photoshoot, T.O.P and D-LITE did many poses before camera.Here’s one of the shot.

Though these five guys are so popular at solo activities, I think they are more powerful to be together as BIGBANG than as individuals. I like their song, “Let Me Hear Your Voice”. Please listen to it.

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