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Saturday, November 6, 2010

BigBang's Success in Japan

Big Bang is leading the 'Korean Wave' in Japan. But why? What is it that makes Japanese fans go wild about them?

Although Big Bang didn't assimilate to the prevalent music trend in Japan, they're really successful thanks to their unique style and skills.

On 3rd November, Big Bang and other Korean groups such as Kara, 4minute, FT Island etc. performed at the stage of the 'Seoul Tokyo Music Festival'. 16,000 Japanese fans enjoyed the festival and responded fervently to the group's efforts.

A staff member of the festival remarked, "The 'Seoul Tokyo Music Festival' was almost like Big Bang's concert." While most of the performers sang 2-3 songs at the festival, Big Bang performed 5 songs and amazed their fans that built the majority of the audience.

"We've been promoting Big Bang not as a 'Korean wave'-star, but as an artist. Thus, we really focused on Bigbang performing the best the members could. We've only been able to do a week or so of promotions for the albums in Japan, but we've always been surprised by the wild responses the Japanese fans give us", a staff member, who was in charge of promoting Big Bang, stated.

Big Bang also received some awards in Japan like 3 awards in the 'MTV Video Music Awards Japan' on 29th May.

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