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Saturday, November 20, 2010

BigBang's Palm Reading!

According to their palmistry…

1) T.O.P is the manliest of the members. His talent for acting will bloom more!

2) G-Dragon is full of power of creating, not only music. But he needs rest time for at least three days!?

3) SOL is full of talents. A big change will happen to him when he turns 31!?

4) D-Lite is not the type who randomly falls in love. He is too serious about love.

5) V.I gets his power by seeing people happy! He will be loved by various generations. He is “Everyone’s V.I.

3 reasons for their success

1. It is necessary to be active in foreign countries.

2. They have to the full capacity (of heart) to do what they love.

3. They perform freely and are flexible when singing or dancing.

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