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Saturday, November 13, 2010

The 3 most popular Korean stars in Japan

The Japanese public was asked who they thought were the most popular Korean idols in Japan. Many groups like Super Junior, Girls' Generation, Kara, Big Bang, FT Island etc. were named. But who are on the top of the ranking? The idols who took over the 3rd spot of the 'most popular Korean idols in Japan-ranking' were Big Bang.

The first two ranks were both girl groups which showed that Japan was quite 'girl group-biased'. On number 2 was Kara who got lots of attention thanks to their song "Mister" with 3193 votes.

And Girls' Generation took over the 1st spot with 3393 votes.

Also Supernova, FT Island, SS501, Super Junior, 4minute and SHINee were included in this ranking.

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