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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Park Bom Featured in BigBang's New Album

2NE1′s Park Bom, featuring in Big bang’s new album exclusive video will be airedMaking a comeback with a new album scheduled for this year, Big Bang’s hot new recorded song was surprisingly released on the scene. On the 26h, Mnet ’2NE1 TV’ Season 2 will broadcast G-dragon inside of the recording studio not busy recording their new album, but announcing the news.

2NE1′s Park Bom, featuring in one of the song sings ‘Do Not Go Home, Baby~’ a hundred times and tries to find the best voice out of it. While we were watching them from the outside of the recording studio, G-Dragon said, “Park Bom’s voice goes well on all the songs and she likes the song. She has the best voice.” Additionally, G-Dragon stated, “We cannot release our album if Noona will not be in it” which shall not be feared by many.

Meanwhile, in the London broadcast, they’re working on the story of recording of 2NE1′s album and Big Ben, Buckingham Palace tourist attractions and other places which are like music video scenery. Broadcast starts 6PM KST on the 26th.

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