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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Performance List For TaeYang's Solar Concert

Taeyang's Solar Concert was a blast according to the fans and Dara herself. Dara updated her ME2Day and posted that she was at the concert. Meanwhile, the lists for the concert was revealed.

Stage 1 – Prayer (in a white vest)

Stage 2 – I’ll Be There (Wearing sunglasses) – MV climbing a hill

Stage 3 – Sinner (A chair is on the stage with OL = Ji Hye unnie taking off his jacket)

Stage 4 – Just A Feeling (Taeyang wears a long jacket)

Stage 5 – Superstar (female dancers do a pole dance?)

Stage 6 – My Girl (Taeyang takes his clothes off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Stage 7 – You’re My

Stage 8 – I Need A Girl (A girl with seat ticket 4242 was picked to climb up the stage!)

Stage 9 – After You Fall Asleep (A bed appears, Taeyang and OL unnie are on it TOGETHER!)

Stage 10 – Connection-Short pause-

Stage 11 – Pop – (IU appeared and had a Pop duet with Taeyang. After singing they hugged)Small moment with IUGuest stage: IU

Stage 12 – Baby, I’m So Sorry

Stage 13 – Wedding Dress (highlight – he gets on his knees)A band enters the stage after Taeyang leaves – the band is playing instruments

Stage 14 – Superstar (performs it again with the band, it has the same style/feeling as After School’s Band)

Stage 15 – Break it down

Stage 16 – Pop song

Stage 17 – Only Look At MeFans shout for the encore

Stage 18 - Where U At (Taeyang wears a black cap witha hoodie)

Stage 19 - Take It Slow

Finally, Dancers and Taeyang say their final goodbyes.

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