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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

BigBang's Upcoming Schedule

September 21- [12:50 AM KST] TV Broadcast of 19 on SBS (for Chuseok Special)

September 22- [9:10 PM KST] TV Broadcast of Shine A Light on Catch On (Paid TV)

- [MAGAZINE] Junon Japan

- [MAGAZINE] AnAn Japan

September 23- [7:00 PM JST] MTV Megavector Summer Sonic Interview (Replay on September 30)

September 25- Taeyang's SOLAR Concert Day 1 (for all ages)

- [11:00 PM JST] Music On! TV's Asahi SUPER DRY The LIVE NAVI Summer Sonic Interview (Replay on September 26 and 28)

September 26- Taeyang's SOLAR Concert Day 2 (for 18 years old and above)

- BIGBANG's 1500 days anniversary since debut

October 23- Kpop Night Concert in Singapore

October 25- [MAGAZINE] Numero Japan

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