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Monday, August 30, 2010

Taeyang and se7en hanging out

Taeyang & Se7en have been having a lot of fun lately since they’ve been promoting together. Se7en recently put up pictures of him and Taeyang hanging out, taking some funny pictures and playing video games. I am so glad Taeyang is just having so fun being a 23 year old dude


공연끝나고 밥먹으러왔는데 옆에 오락기가 ㅋㅋ BACK TO THE 동심의세계^^ W MA BRUH TY!!!


just finished our stages, heading to eat n there’s a game machine kk BACK TO THE YOUNG TIMES^^ W MA BRUH TY!!!

Se7en recently posted these photos on his twitter of him and Taeyang taking time off to play some arcade games. Well, it's quite heartening to see the boys not up to their neck with work and that they can still relax and play.

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