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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Seungri talks about being an MC on new show, “Enjoy Today”

Big Bang's Seungri will be part of the new show, 'Enjoy Today', and he was present at the press conference as well. He entered and said, "Burning Youth, it's Seungri." He even danced as part of his entrance and made the crowd excited.

When asked what his role will be on the program he said, "I'm the maknae. I'm the only member that's in his 20's so I will be sharing my charms to the hyungs."

He continued, "Since I'm a dance singer, I choreographed the opening dance. "

He talked about the program's concept, "Theprogram is about enjoying each day through small things. It doesn'tmatter how much money you have, we will reveal things anyone can enjoy."

When Shin Hyun Joon, who is also on the show, was asked how he would enjoy a day he answered, "If I got to order around Big Bang for a day, I would enjoy it."

Seungri ended by saying, "This is my first variety show (as a MC) but I will work my hardest." Theprogram will think of ways to enjoy the day and put all the ideastogether to create a book in the end. The first episode airs on August 22nd.

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