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Thursday, August 5, 2010

“Big Bang the next generation to be South Korea’s faces”

Big Bang – Yunho – Park Shi Hoo – Kim Bum, Han Chae Yeong, Lee Da Hae.

The “Korea National Tourism” Organization will create promotional videos to promote South Korea worldwide as an attractive destination through video promotions with the people mentioned above chosen as their main characters.

Bae Yong Joon, Lee Young Ae, and many more, the next generation of Hallyu stars are rising out and following the steps of the existing stars and are ready to promote the new South Korea just like they did it in the past.

Yunho and Big Bang have often placed our name [south korea] on the Japanese Oricon charts which earned the singers yen (Japanese money).

Kim Bum starred in last year’s drama “Boys Over Flowers”, Park Shi Hoo starred in drama “Inspection Princess” that aired from March to April this year, now from ahjumma (older women) fans in Japan the attention is beginning.

Han Chae Young and Lee Da Hae, are emerging as the new female stars, “advertising killers” that followed Song Hye Kyo – Kim Hee Seon – Chae Lim.

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