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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

TOP leaves a thank you message, ” “Thankful for even the sharp critiques”

TOP, the main character from the film Into the Gunfire, left a thank-you message to the audience through a public blog.

On the 28th, TOP left a long message on the ‘From Choi Seung Hyun (TOP)’ channel on the Into the Gunfire blog that began, “Hello. This is TOP Choi Seung Hyun of Big Bang.”

His message expressed the worries and thoughts he had as an actor during the time he spent filming through harsh weather conditions, and his gratefulness towards the audience for their endless praises and critiques.

Also, he shared how happy he was that more of our history became known especially to younger viewers, something that played a big part in why he chose to participate in this project.

His popularity became a greater reality at the explosive amount of replies that came up as soon as his message was posted, with his trademark mature and sincere way of speech.

Into the Gunfire is a war movie based on a true story that tells of the sad tragedy of 71 student sold

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