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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Taeyang will release a second music video for “I Need A Girl”!

Curious as to what Taeyang and 2NE1’s Dara have been up to these past couple of days?

The answer is serving you fans, of course! The two YGE artists spent their entire July 5 (and the morning of July 6, too) doing filming for yet another music video. Last month, YG Entertainment found that the response for Taeyang’s newest solo album, ‘Solar’ was so popular that to commemorate their success, they have decided to create a second music video for ‘I Need a Girl.’

A representative spoke to Koreans news website MoneyToday’s StarNews a few days ago to explain what would be different about this new music video: “during the first music video for ‘I Need a Girl,’ Sandara Park acted as Taeyang’s girlfriend but this time, she will be a dancer instead [and show off] a cool dance with him.”

YG Entertainment apparently realized how sought after videos of Taeyang dancing are to his fans, so upon remembering that “Taeyang didn’t dance in the last video” they decided that this time, as a fanservice, “he will present a dynamic and sensitive dance with Sandara Park,” explained the representative. “Dynamic” and “sensitive,” all in one? It sounds like it’ll be quite a difficult dance to master, but knowing Taeyang and Dara’s skills on the dance floor, they’ll be able to pull it off for sure!

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