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Friday, July 9, 2010

Taeyang solo album slump, “Is Big Bang losing their touch?”

‘Is Big Bang losing their touch?’

A member of the group Big Bang, Taeyang’s recently released song ‘I Need a Girl’ is not doing so well. While they had swept first place on music charts with ‘Lies’ and ‘Last Farewell’ in 2007, ‘Haru Haru’ and ‘Sunset Glow’ in 2008, now it’s almost as if Big Bang’s grandness can no longer be felt.

The song that was released on the 1st is only in 6th place on Bugs by the 6th of July. Melon and Dosirak. 5th place on Soribada. And it’s in 8th place on Cyworld. It made it to 2nd place on mnet.com and is barely holding on. All the while, IU (Nagging) is reigning in the popularity and Jo Kwon (The Day of Confessing My Love) is doing likewise having released his comeback song post-World Cup. Narsha (I’m In Love). Son Dambi (Can’t U See) and others are providing competition, and [Taeyang] is fighting hard. He’s losing not only to veteran singers but also to miss A (Bad Girl Good Girl) who just made their debut.

Taeyang had to recover his pride last year after releasing ‘Where U At’ and ‘Wedding Dress,’ both of which were below expectations. It’s obvious that YG especially gave blood, sweat and tears to this new song. You can tell even just from the featuring by the team’s ace, G-Dragon. Because of all this, Taeyang’s slump is that much more of a shock. Not only Taeyang, but Daesung (Cotton Candy) who also released a new song this year received a reaction that was subpar to its expected popularity.

The reporter of this article is seriously ridiculous. Okay the whole Taeyang “slump” thing with his album is ridiculous because he sold 30,000 copies in one day, in what world is that a slump?

I agree that Cotton Candy didn’t do as well on the charts, but he didn’t promote it. Fans were aware that this was just in order to keep the promise YG had made of Daesung releasing a single, not so that Daesung would get #1 in all the charts, that was no it’s purpose, it more of a treat for the fans.

Lastly, the only thing I can agree with is the fact that Taeyang’s songs are not doing as good on the charts, but honestly I expected that. I don’t know if fans are aware of this but Taeyang isn’t as popular in Korea as you would think he is. He has more international fans and it’s because his music isn’t what Koreans are used to, R&B isn’t what’s “in” in Korea, it’s just not. Therefore I’m not surprised on that part, but Wedding Dress as well as Where U At weren’t promoted properly either and claiming that GD was basically “used” to gain more popularity is just BS. How does this guy know that for a fact? Ugh.

I’m not making excuses for Taeyang or Big Bang, but saying Big Bang has lost their “touch” is something you just don’t say, not when Big Bang has been away for 2 years from Korea with no promotions and yet they are still mentioned in every single ranking, chart, tv show, etc. as if they had never been away. Whatever we’ll see who has lost their touch at the end of the this year when Big Bang shuts up all those disbelievers with their HIGHLY anticipated comeback! What a distateful article..

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