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Monday, July 12, 2010

Taeyang on Channel [V]

Channel [V] had bought South Korea’s top two music programs. They are SOUTH KOREAN POPULAR MUSIC and MUSIC BANK. On July 9th, when KBS was filming MUSIC BANK, a long line of fans were waiting outside for admission to see their idols. LPG, Naomi, SORI, Young Gun, Sistar, Infinite, Norazo, ZE:A, Girls Day, 4minute, Sunny Side, miss A, Koyote, One Two, Narsha, CNBLUE, Big Bang’s Taeyang, Son Dambi, Super Junior, etc ( total of 20 performers) were there for the recording. Fans were screaming. Big Bang’s Taeyang, which we haven’t seen in a long time performed I NEED A GIRL with G-dragon. The performance won many warm applauses from the fans!

When G-dragon finished with his own concert, he immediately went to Taeyang’s rehearsals to support him. G-dragon would give him advice when Taeyang is offstage. We can obviously see that they are very good friends. When MC Wu Jiang Heng accepted the interview with Channel [V] he said that this is the first that [they] accepted the Taiwanese interview. He hope that after this, they will interact with the Taiwan media more. He also hope that they can meet their Taiwanese fans soon. Because the preparation for Taeyang’s album took a long time, that’s why he can show us such amazing performances. The MC also hopes that people will buy the album to test it out. Taeyang revealed that before he perform, he like to be left alone and get rid of all the distractions. He would even go to the bathroom just to close his eyes to get some quite time so that he can be in his best when performing.

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