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Monday, July 12, 2010

Taeyang HOT TRACKS Interview Translations

In 2008, Taeyang released his mini album “Hot” with the hit song “Look Only At Me” after his debut as a Big Bang member and through that he secured such a position that he could stand to appeal on his own as a charming solo vocalist, standing apart from the other members (who are also showing their own individuality). He came back for his fans now so lets satisfy your curiosity about the new album by asking some questions

+ Hello, I congratulate you on releasing your first full-length album. Please explain how you have prepared this full-length album.
- I began to prepare in earnest from last year for a year. I made my fans wait, against my will, due to the finishing process being delayed, rather than recording.

+ The album title is ‘Solar’. Did you phrase your name differently? Or does it have some different meaning?
- As ‘solar’ means ‘the sun’s’, it means the first full album which puts Taeyang’s music and story.

+ I’ve not listened to songs from the album yet, so I hope you’ll explain the overall atmosphere of the album briefly. Are there any things done differently from the atmosphere of your previous singles and mini album?
- The last mini album and the singles have serious and heavy feel, but this album is filled with light and lively songs. And it is on the basis of R&B/Hip-hop, and I tried various instruments, sound and genres.

+ I’ve heard that tracks of the album are supposed to be released on the homepage from 25th before the album will be released to have people pre-listen to songs. Actually there were several incidents that songs were leaked in Korea too. But what’s the reason you’re daringly pre-revealing your songs?
- I wanted my fans to listen to my music earlier. It may be good to reveal music on the release date too, but revealing them little by little, I wanted to let my fans have expectations.

+ The title single is ‘I need a girl’ that the same group’s member G-dragon took part in. Please elaborate what track this song is.
- It’s a soft R&B song. It puts not my ideal type but every man’s ideal type, ‘the things I hope’. It’s like ‘the things I hope’ in the 21st century. When I listened to the demo first, I liked the song because the lyrics are funny. The song sounded good after recording it, so it became the title song. Because it’s a light song, I tried to sing it plainly and hope to have the message of the lyrics sent well.

+ Seeing the tracklist on the official site, the songwriter Teddy in YG entertainment took part in many songs.
-It is well-known that YG family cares about each other like a family. I think the members trust Teddy a lot.

+What does Teddy mean to Taeyang personally?
- He’s my musical mentor. I usually talk about music or life with Teddy-hyung a lot. He understands music I want to do better than anyone, and helps me express that. He fills far areas I’d not thought of and influences me a lot.

+ Swings took part in ‘After you fall aleep’. What group is he from? YG family’s new member?
- He doesn’t belong to YG family. I wasn’t acquainted with him but I knew of him and that he raps well and has good flow. I was searching for a rapper while preparing the album. One day, Swings came to our company to meet Masta Woo-hyung, and we met by chance. I had heard Swings said he wants to work with me, so I asked him to participate.

+ I think I should question about Big Bang’s news too. Recently Big Bang won 3 prizes at the Japanese MTV video music awards. I think Big Bang’s activities in Japan for a year are coming to fruition. What do You and the members think about Big Bang’s position in Japan?
- Actually I don’t know what position we’re at. Shouldn’t the public judge that?

+ You was well received after releasing ‘Fall in love’ with Aoyama Thelma in Japan. How do you feel about working with Japanese artists.
- Aoyama Thelma is well recognized in Japan and well connected musically, it was a good experience for me. Music has no barriers, so we were well connected mostly without any differences because she’s a Japanese artist.

+ I think you need to show that activity as a solo Taeyang is different from activity as Big Bang’s member. You’re musically around trendy R&B till now. Then, please tell me which song was experimental and has a big change in your thought, and what changes did you try to make?
- I don’t want to separate Big Bang’s Taeyang and a solo Taeyang because Big Bang’s Taeyang is me, too. I tried to make a change in most of songs in this album. But I didn’t want to focus on changing. I opened my mind to other genres besideds R&B and hip-hop this year. Music reflects my situation at that time a lot, and the changes of my situation was naturally melted into it. I think my priority is still R&B, but now, I think I could match any music to only my sytle.

+ First, I would be able to see Taeyang’s stage through music programs, but can I look forward to your solo concert at a concert hall during this activity?
- I don’t have a definite plan yet. Please wait a little.

+ In conclusion, please greet Hottracks’ readers and your fans.
- Thank you for your interest in my new album. This album was release with much worry and efforts, so I hope you to listen to it with open minds. I wish my album to give a little sensation

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