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Friday, July 9, 2010

Taeyang the first Korean artist to debut in the TOP 20 in USA iTunes Charts!

Taeyang’s first full solo album “SOLAR” debuted on the Canadian R&B Chart on iTunes at the #2 spot.

According to Canadian R&B Chart Taeyang’s new regular edition album “SOLAR” ranked right below Usher’s album at number 2!

While in the U.S charts on iTunes “SOLAR” went up to #16 (currently #8), #17 on the R&B chart in Germany and #8 in Japan’s R&B iTunes music chart.

YG Entertainment expressed “The album was released on iTunes on July 7th and we were really surpised at the unexpected reactions towards this album“.

Meanwhile Big Bang’s Taeyang is currently promoting his latest solo album “SOLAR” and is currently doing activities for the title track “I Neead A Girl“.

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