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Saturday, July 17, 2010

someone who is already be part of my life.

I do not know what should I do. see him with her just makes me want to run away from him. I do not know what should I do to relieve it. now you're a good brother to me. you are so attention to me. maybe now you have started does not matter to me since her presence. do you know how it feels to be me? I could no longer see you closer. and only saw you from afar. until I realized that you are no longer anyone to me. please forgive all my mistakes I'd done. and thank-you for your help so far. and please don't forget me.


Farah Nadhifa said...

*numpang lewat*-_- jahat ya ga cerita ama gue.....

My Fantastic World said...

khi khi khi.. kalo gw crita ama lo pasti gw lu pukulin karna lo pasti gragetan sama orangnya far. hahaha ^^