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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Review on Records

On this week’s review list on South Korea’s record, the rankings had majorly changed. Big Bang’s Taeyang came in 1st place with the highest popularity, and Baek Jiyoung came in 2nd place. In addition, JYP’s new group, miss A also received a lot of attention.They have indeed came a long way.


Rank: Album: Singer:
1 《Solar》 太阳

2 《Timeless:The Bst》 Baek Jiyoung
3 《Blue Brand 2辑》 Various

4 《Bad But Good》 Miss A

5 《The Day of Confessing My Love》 JoKwon
7 《Bad Guy》 OST

6 《The Queen》 Son Dambi

8 《I’m In Love》 Narsha

9 《Bonamana》 Super Junior

10 《Nagging》 IU

Big Bang’s Taeyang, started his solo activities in 2008. Finally, he first own full album was officially released this year, which also won first place this week. With his excellent vocal and dancing skills, and excellent productions, his works were able to receive widespread attention every time. Both fans and critics spoke highly of his album. To this solo male singer, it is an enviable achievement. His title song, I NEED A GIRL, is fast paced, very sweet, and GD‘s cameo rap, has become a hot topic. More came after the album sold 30,000 limited edition sold out in the news. Ballads that were gradually declining is now heating up the market.

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