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Friday, July 9, 2010

Rediscovery of Actors, T.O.P

The joy of rediscovering actors is great. Especially on-screen this first half of the year, there are actors who gave us the pleasure of new discovery to the point where one could add on the thought of, ‘There was this side to him too,’ to what one already knew.

Member of the group Big Bang, TOP went beyond being an idol star and beyond being a home theater star and made a successful debut on the big screen.

Idol stars who make the transformation into actors have the benefit of at least some degree of fixed adoration from their fans, but movies are harder than dramas. More than simple stardom is needed to appeal to the audience who paid money to come.

Through the genre of war movie, not drama or action, TOP received attention by bravely throwing away his star image and transforming into a war-scarred boy, weak and yet still tough. He was able to express the fear and the weight of war felt by a seventeen-year-old boy thrown into a huge war.

If the charisma of his character from ‘IRIS’ is what you thought of until now when you thought of TOP as an actor, then you could say that he found his potential that’s like blank drawing paper through Into the Gunfire. He could be the idol star actor we can expect the most from.

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