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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Play Magazine Special 2010 – G-Dragon & Taeyang’s Part

G-Dragon is not afraid of rumors and produced the best-selling album

BIGBANG leader G-Dragon is the first one who released the solo album in their group. Immediately after his first album ‘Heart Breaker’ was released, 70,000 copies were sold in just 10 days. The first debuted song of the same name of his album secured the first place in ‘M.net’ music chart 2 weeks in a row and when he went to the very well-received music program SBS ‘ Inkigayo’ to perform, the watching rate climbed to 17.35% which was the highest rate in the previous 5 years. You can see how popular the G-Dragon was by this evidence.

Although ‘Heart Breaker’ was accused of copying from ‘ Right Round’ of Flo Rida and ‘Butterfly’ was said to be similar to ‘She’s Electric’ of ‘ the British band’ Oasis while ‘Hello’ was said to look very alike with ‘ Solo’ of the Korean band Dynamic Duo, G-Dragon still defended his own originality. His fans also supported him by buying his albums. Rumours are flying all around but nothing can change his status in the hearts of his fans.

Our true and sentimental G-Dragon once posted a self- taken photo showing him being covered by a cap on his blog. The T-shirt that he was wearing had the sentence ‘I need a girl’. He seemed to be looking for a girlfriend but his fans did not show any signs of jealousy but even discussed this heatly on the Net. That was why G-Dragon said “My VIPs are really cute.” (VIP is the title that BIGBANG call their fans.)

Duties: Leader, rapper and vocal
B-day: 18-8-1988
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 58 kg
Blood type: A
Favourite things: Clothes, hats, shoes, accessories and himself
Things that he hates: Rainy days
Motto: Whatever you do, just try your best
Characteristics: A always baby face on which a super cute smile always can be spotted


Taeyang- Dragon’s sincere support on Taeyang’s first solo album

Another famous member of BIGBANG, Taeyang finally released his long-waited first solo album- ‘Solar’. The first debuted song’ ‘I need a girl’ attracted most attention. Simple melody together with the gentle voice of Taeyang cast a spell on many fans. It also tells us what dream girls are like for men. His best companion, G-Dragon does not only feature in the song but also accompanied him to perform in the music show ‘Inkigayo’ which successfully gained it many more viewers.

Although he is already an experienced performer on the stage, he exposed a secret habit to us after his album was debuted. He said that whenever before the show, he has to stay quiet and even he will lock himself in the toilet. He joked,’ this can help us to stay away from all other thoughts and enables me to perform the best.’ Before his solo album was released, 50000 orders were already placed on it which enhanced the confidence of Taeyang. He will surely pay more efforts to perform the music of his ablum to all his fans.

Debuting name in Japan: SOL (It means ‘Sun’ in Spanish)
Duties: Dancing and vocal
B-day: 18-5-1988
Height: 174 cm
Weight: 62 kg
Blood type: B
Characteristics: He is just like what his name suggested, an adorable boy who can give people around warmth and light.

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