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Friday, July 9, 2010

[Interview] Taeyang, “After the ‘elbowing incident,’ I decided to respect Seungri”

◆ After the ‘video incident,’ decided to treat Seungri as an adult
Although Taeyang is in the middle of his solo activities, there can’t not also be talk about Big Bang. All the members had taken part in solo activities, but their colors are all different. “The reason we do music is because it makes us happy and we like it. When we put out solo albums we match it to our individual styles, and when we put out an album as Big Bang we do music that we can do together. We don’t fight when we talk about music.”
Recently, a video of Big Bang member G-Dragon elbowing youngest Seungri went viral and became quite a scandal.
“After watching the video, I thought it could be interpreted badly. We weren’t being smart. We should be doing that out in public.. We should have behaved more professionally. We’re all really close, and I think our acting naturally around each other was misunderstood. I realized that a lot of people are watching us. Also I decided to respect Seungri from now on. I realized that I have to treat Seungri like an adult (laughs).”
◆ Taeyang born in ‘88, lost in music from the 70s to 90s
Taeyang had been diligently exercising even before his debut. He had been sporting his trademark mohawk for quite awhile.
“Before our debut there was time to exercise worked into our schedules, but now if I don’t exercise I feel like I’m losing out so it’s too late not to work out. As for my hairstyle, I don’t change it. I have to grow it out but I can’t wait that long. And I don’t really feel the need to change it.”
These days Taeyang is listening to 90s singers 015B, Pinocchio, and others. He likes the lyrics, the melody, and the emotions. Taeyang says that he can’t really listen to the latest pop music. As is fitting of a member of Big Bang, living in the year 2010 and at the forefront of the music industry, his musical tastes are profound.
“My conviction is that even if I don’t make first place right away, I want to let people hear music that they can enjoy for a long time. I can’t really find much importance in music charts. Getting first place because of popularity, I think if I focus too much on that I’ll lose the meaning behind doing music.”
Taeyang is now going full-speed into promoting his official album.
“After my solo album activities, there are plans to hold a solo concert. Now that my album is out I want to diligently work and deliver my music on stage. I brought out this album with lots of joy so I would love for the people who listen to be happy too. As Big Bang, I want to put on a lot more performances with even better music.”

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