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Friday, July 23, 2010

GQ Magazine ‘When the Sun is shining brightly’- Taeyang Interview

When the sun is shining brightly and the wings are wide spread, for whom does this blue dream blossom for? Do not forget to smile, do not hesitate. When the sun is shining brightly and the wings are wide spread, just let this blue dream blossom into a long-lasting flower.
-Patti Kim “When the sun is shining brightly’ 1967

In the January Issue, we have interviewed Taeyang (titled, ‘The Youth Doesn’t Cry), and Taeyang said he would release his album real quick. However, it was only released 7 months later. Moreover, the name of the album also switched from ‘REAL which he told us to ‘SOLAR’. Here we have Taeyang again .

Reporter: That’s why I am asking for the reason.
TY: Yes, I know that.

Reporter: Do you mean you will tell us what happened frankly? It is of no use even you are smiling to me like that. Anyway, answer my questions first.
TY: At the very beginning,I want to apologize for any misunderstanding caused by my previous interview. I feel so much about this, for example, I know that not every thing can be changed by one’s will power…

Reporter: So… this will be a sorrowful interview then?
TY: Not really. This will be a happy one. At that time, we really thought that we would release it ‘real quick’. I thought that only one last stage needed to be completed; however, it took longer than we expected.

Reporter: Why it would take a longer time? Is it because there is a switch of the topic?
TY: For the topic, yes,you can say there is a big change of this. This was due to the change of my mood. If I were to follow the mood of last year to make this album, it would not be like that. Nevertheless, after the commencement of 2010, my mood, including my thoughts and sentiments have changed. I had been staying in my house throughout the whole 2009 ; therefore, I had closed the door of my heart gradually. At this time, I only felt endless tedious. Making music should be a happy and blissful thing to me but why did I feel tired? But when we were advancing into 2010, a snow-storm was fallen.

It seemed to be on 4th of January. How to tell you that…. At that time, I was in the house of Teddy, I just decided that I could not be like that forever. If I kept my heart closed forever, it would cause great barriers to my future music career. That’s why I reopened my heart and made up my mind. That was when I knew what kind of music I wanted to do and how I should do that. I could also see my direction. In fact, when I was being interviewed by you last time,in the album that I said was completed, there were a lot of previous-single-like and previous-mini-cd like songs.

Reporter: There are both sins (sinner) and prayer(note: both of them are TY’s songs), do you belong to the Dark Nation?
TY: Haha, you are right, I usually sing that kind of songs. How to describe it to you… At that time,I was really just simply singing. I had told the public that I would soon release my CD so I had to be quick. Simply with the rhythm, the right pitches and my voice all combining together, then a song was clamied to be produced. I only thought ‘in my head’ ,’ Oh,I have to sing this song with this kind of sentiment in order to convey that message’. I did not spend too much time on recording either. However, after I reopened my heart, I did not feel satisfied with those songs anymore so I just redid them.

Reporter: Is it like the feeling when we read the letter that was written the night before, we would also feel bad?
TY: Yes. However, no matter I am singing or producing my album, to me now, it is absolutely fulfllling to me. This is unchangeable to me. I believe if there are any changes on me, you can see that from the stage since nothing can be hidden from there.

Reporter: At that time, how many songs did you want to put in your album?
TY: Regarding the number of the songs, if those which are recorded but not yet included in the album are also counted, there would be more than 10.

Reporter: Is it you who made the final decision?
TY: Of course it is.

Reporter: How about the plugged songs?
TY: ‘ I NEED A GIRL’ actually was a song received in the past. Just after I had begun to practise the song, I really thought ‘why there is ‘kimchi fried rice’ in nowadays’ lyrics?’ (in the lyrics, it is ‘ I know how to do kimchi fried rice right, as long as she loves to eat it.) ‘Why it is not steak?’

Reporter: Oh, I see. Actually,there are unfresh Kimchi in Taeyang’s fridge.
TY: Haha… It is the thoughts that I had at this time. Since the lyrics was written by a new lyrics writer, I thought that it was just not good. I only felt that the melody was refreshing and believed I could make a better song to be plugged. However, if this was true, I would not be able to release my ablum in 10 years’ time. That was why I started to ask people to listen to this song. ‘Although it is very different from the songs that you sang in the past, it is the one that can keep keep your original voice best,’ there are loads of comments like this. This is also the most important to me.

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