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Thursday, July 15, 2010

G-Dragon “TV Guide” Magazine Interview!

Besides from group activities, we would also like to do our individual music. When we think “READY!” then we will go do own solo activities. I’m planning for a new solo album for next year. I received a CD from fans with Japanese songs from which I can study. Each members are not only singers, but are in movies, variety shows, and other activities that help them carry out as a soloist. There’s a new song called HANDS UP, I will contribute to the rap. So, please listen to it!

Which Big Bang song would you like the person you like to listen to?
-With a person that I love? I guess it would be “wonderful”…

Do you have any Japanese songs in your ipod?
- There’s many, recently I listened to Perfume and also the song that Taeyang worked in with Thelma Aoyama.

What’s the moment that makes you feel you are the coolest?
- It might seem strange but, whenever I see my face in the bathroom mirror I think, “It looks pretty right?”, that’s when I get that feeling [of being cool]. (laughs) Because of the lighting or maybe because of the shadow, it looks a little different than usual……how about if I [start living] live in the bathroom? (laughs)

If you were a girl, which Big Bang member would you want to be your lover?
-(Points to D-lite/Daesung) Him. He has a really good body (laughs). Oh, I’m just kidding, I think he would make you happy. Because just like my personality he doesn’t behave for a single minute so I think we could play well together. (alee: poor seungri, he was right there! )

What part of Japanese and Korean women do you find cute?
-Japanese girls, dress up very carefully. and make us [men] feel reliable, that gives off a very femine feeling. In Korea, there were a lot of very strong, leading man type woman. Now I feel that Japanese women are more tender, I will give an impression of you wanting to protect her.

If you go out on a date in Japan, where yould you go?
-Okinawa, heard the sea is beautiful.

Favorite product in Japanese convience stores.
-I go to the convience store everyday, love it very much. Love snacks. Somtimes in our schedules, because there’s not much time for us to eat, during our break we will eat eggs, and what was it…?…fried scallops, that sort of snacks. (laughs)

What type of topping do you like on curry from Coco Ichibanya (the members favorite curry restaurant)?
-Although I used to eat there a lot, nowadays I don’t eat from there.

What do you usually keep in your bag?
-Because I often lose things, so I don’t carry bags. Only carry my wallet and cellphone.

What do you think you’ll be doing in 10 years?
-I would probably have a tired look/appearance? (laughs) Probably won’t change much in 10 years. However, I don’t know what it will be like in 20 years. (laugha) After 10 years, we would still probably together, then I think each one of us will have different activities in different places.

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