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Monday, July 12, 2010

Funny Quotes from Big Bang!

1. MC: TOP, what were you like when you were a student?

TOP: When I was a student, I was….a boy!
MC: How was your student experience?
TOP: I never learned anything.

2. MC: I heard that GD is a motherfriendson. Please explain.

GD: Motherfriendson means a mother’s friend’s son, who she’s always bragging about because he is very good, very talented, very…..
Everyone: contempt….

3. Someone joined the company and went out for dinner.

TOP: Hyung, do you eat XX noodles?
Daesung: (Smiles….)
TOP: (A bit angry..) hyung, do you eat XX rice?
Daesung: (Smiles…)
TOP: …………
After awhile, Daesung said: (whisper) Hyung, I actually want to eat XX rice.
TOP: …………

4. GD: The first time I met with President Yang was when my mom took me there. When my mom got out the room for awhile President Yang said, “ When your mom comes back just cry. Do whatever it takes to get your mom sign the contract, you understand?”……..

5. MC asked what TOP and GD think of President Yang.

TOP: Because he looked after us very well, it feels like we are kids. (pretty normal)
GD: ( saving the nonsense, straight to the point) when we study about composition, if he shows us a new song, he will listen and dance to it……when it’s time to eat, he will finish the delicious food first…..

6. We all know that Seungri likes to imitate GD.

GD: Not too long ago when we were shopping, the ones with the memebership go to one side, and only I went to the other side. However, Seungri looked around for awhile, he was still following me. I was surprised and shouted, ” DON’T COME OVER!!
TOP: I saw that, the whole time GD was shouting, “DON’T FOLLOW ME!!” Then Seungri just…(imitates Seungri’s eye roll)
GD: Because Seungri loves himself every much, so what was said didn’t go through him. When he walked over to me Seungri said, ” What a nice place to go to hyung.”

7. MC asked TOP have he ever watched porn.

TOP” (embarrassed)…that…never watched it…
Other members: (nod?)
TOP: That…actually when I was in fifth grade, my friend’s dad likes to film AV, I accidentally….

8. Interview in a program.

GD: I am actually Big Bang’s father.~~
Taeyang: Then I must be the mother.

9. MC asked about the relationship between TOP and Kim Hyun Joong.

TOP: Me and him are good…that…in fact….we…how do you say this…is so be it.
MC: (No wonder you guys are from the same planet..of course)

10. GD on a radio show. He was talking about the woman he dreamed of.

MCJang: Did you and that woman XXX in your dream?
GD: NO…(blush) ..only touched her hand…
MC: oh…unfortunately…

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