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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Big Bang’s rooms revealed by Taeyang and G-Dragon on Sketchbook!

Not only does G-Dragon ‘open’ his room but also those of the other members.

Taeyang and G-dragon appeared in ‘Sketchbook’ of KBS2 TV, they said ‘every one of us has strong characters so the styles of our rooms are different too.’ Then, the MC asked them to explain in details; therefore, they told us the details of their rooms.

Taeyang said that ‘there is nothing besides toys in Daesung’s and TOP’s rooms. Their rooms are just like the store rooms of toys. There are so many different kinds of them and the rooms are so full that, if you walk into their rooms at night, it is very likely that you will be scared by the toys .”

“The room of G-Dragon is occupied by the limited version of clothes from different brands all over the world. If they need clothes, they can resort to going to his room for ‘bartering’. ‘I have not visited Seungri’s room for a long time already, I don’t know how it looks like now…’ Taeyang bursted into laughters.

G-Dragon said, “Since Taeyang organized his room so perfectly tidy, it is always like a hotel room and it is so eye-catching, too.’

Thanks to rice @ bbw

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