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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Big Bang on EXILE Magazine “Music clubs, we do visit. We drink but not often”

“It’s been a year since we debuted in Japan. I wonder how the future will be like. Having received so much love from people who appreciate our music, we must really work harder.” -G-Dragon

It’s been a year since BIGBANG’s debut (in Japan) last June and you received a lot of awards and also had a concert tour. How was it?
G-Dragon: That’s right. Many things happened and it’s been a busy year. When we decided to debut it Japan, we were really pressured but we thank our fans for supporting us.
D-Lite: During our concerts in February, it was really nice to dance and sing together with everyone. The concerts made us closer to our fans.
SOL: Including our concert tours, it was really a year of receiving a lot of love and support. Our life and BIGBANG promotions will still go on as usual. Our schedules are still full and busy.

Any difference when you walk down the the streets now as compared to last year?
SOL: Last time, we also got recognized but not to the extent that there will be a huge crowd gathering around us. (Laughs) When we go shopping or doing something personal, Japanese don’t scream and run towards us. They will just come over and ask for a handshake. They are very polite and well-mannered.
T.O.P: Honestly, I don’t really feel our popularity. When we go to Japan to promote our new songs, even if we are here (in Japan), we still think about the things we need to do in Korea. Feeling uneasy and worried about it. Probably because of this, I didn’t have the time to feel the love people around gave. But when we received awards from VMAJ just recently (for Best Pop Video & Best New Artist Video), I realized the love that BIGBANG received in Japan and I felt happy about it.
V.I: Last year at VMAJ, we were only there to give the award. But this year, not only did we receive awards, we also did live performances on stage. We felt really good. BIGBANG & MTV’s relationship is really good. (Laughs)

MTV Live last June 30 was really interesting. The powerful and energetic performances by BIGBANG was full of charms. Where does that power and charisma come from?
G-DRAGON: Firstly, it is the power of the crowd, of course. Even if Japan and Korea’s language and culture is different, they learned Korean because of us. Even remembering all the lyrics and not missing one word. Because of that, we have to work extra hard. Also, before going up the stage to perform, we don’t think about the difficulty that we’ll face on stage, instead we say, “Let’s Play!” If we look energetic, the audience will then feel that we’re actually really having fun.
T.O.P: Also we don’t waste our energy and use it wisely. For example, we feel that heading out late to play at night is unnecessary.
Is BIGBANG not allowed to have a night life?
SOL: Of course for places like music clubs, we do visit. We drink but not often.
T.O.P: I go there but I don’t really move around. (Laughs)

So it’s like abstinence. (laughs)
SOL: In relation to abstinence, the time spent alone is really important. I often say to people that I like spending time alone. I’ve been used to it for years. It has become a habit that I don’t think I can change just like that.
T.O.P: The 5 of us each have personal preferences about living. Some like to spend all their energy doing something but some don’t.

Your SOLO performances in Korea are really powerful too. It’s different from the normal BIGBANG performances.
G-DRAGON: During our SOLO activities, it’s all about the individual/person so you can do what you want. But when it’s the 5 of us, we all have different roles assigned to so we have to think about the song and dance steps that all 5 of us can do together. When we’re together, we keep to mind that there shouldn’t be only one person standing out. When I had my own SOLO, I gave my best and worked really hard. With BIGBANG, I take into consideration how to help out the whole team.
D-LITE: During your SOLO, you express the diversity/variety of your own personality and as BIGBANG, you show the best of yourself. Like among the 5 members, you do what you’re best at (or suits you the most).
SOL: For me, I do the music I like, most of the time. It’s like limiting myself to be purely SOL. So in this case, it’s not that different to the SOL I am in BIGBANG.

I see. Everyone has their own opinion. There’s a distribution of roles that one can do.
D-LITE: That’s right. For example, I normally like to joke and play around, but on BIGBANG’s stage, I try to hide this part and just focus on singing and making others listen to me.
V.I: Talking about distribution of roles, I am like the seasoning. Adding it will change the taste of it, too much of it might cause the body to be unwell. The right amount of flavor will be nice.

Talking about food recipes, what kind of seasoning?
T.O.P: Natto seasoning?
V.I: No, something more advanced. Something addictive.

It’s good that it’s not Natto Seasoning. (Laughs) The last part we shall talk your in the drama ‘IRIS’ called TELL ME GOODBYE and Mezamashi’s theme song, HANDS UP. Can you briefly talk about them?
SOL: TELL ME GOODBYE is a very sad song but the lyrics are very fresh.
D-LITE: HANDS UP is the totally opposite of TELL ME GOODBYE. It makes you want to dance along with the song. Although it’s different from TELL ME GOODBYE, both songs represent BIGBANG’s style. We hope that you’ll listen to both tracks~

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