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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Big bang is a boy band from South Korea. this group comprises 5 personel, each having a different voice parts or rapping. They are regarded as member of the new face of "YG Family" under the care of YG Entertainment. After launching their career in 2006, the Big Bang succeeded the populer and successful in 2007 with the singel "lies" (거짓말) . This success puts the Big Bang as the famous boy band South Korea, and compete wih women singers group Wonder Girls. In addition to know thanks to the hit songs they are, membar also become role models in the style of dress.

Origin : South Korea
Genre :K-pop, rap, R&B, hip hop
Years Active : 2006 - now
Label :YG Entertainment (Shout Korea)
Universal Music Japan (Japan)


Album (until 2008)

Album Korea

Album Jepang


Singel Korea

  1. "The First Single Album" (28 Agustus 2006)
  2. "Big Bang is V.I.P." (28 September 2006)
  3. "B I G B A N G 0 3" (21 November 2006)

Singel Jepang

  1. "My Heaven" (24 Juni 2009)
  2. "Gara Gara GO!" (8 Juli 2009)
  3. "Emotion" (Juli 2009)

Album dan singel solo

  1. Tae Yang: Hot (22 Mei 2008), album mini
  2. Dae Sung: - 날 봐 귀순 (19 Juni 2008), singel digital
  3. G-Dragon: - 나만 바라봐 Part 2 (30 Juni 2008), singel digital
  4. Dae Sung: - Big Hit!! (대박이야!!) (29 Januari 2009), singel digital
  5. Seung Ri: - Strong Baby

EP Korea (album mini)

  1. Always (16 Agustus 2007)
  2. Hot Issue (22 November 2007)
  3. Stand Up (8 Agustus 2008)

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